Asbestos Management Survey

An asbestos management survey is designed to highlight (where practically possible) the presence of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) within a building. The asbestos management survey will identify any ACMs present and provide a report of how best to manage these given the everyday use of the building. A risk assessment will be provided for all ACMs and their probability of being disturbed. This report, including any recommendations are then placed on the asbestos register held with the building owner or occupier. There is usually a person within an organisation responsible for holding the asbestos register. The asbestos register shows where ACMs are present (or are likely to be present). Any trades people required to carry out works on the building should ask to see the register in advance to ensure there is no risk of releasing fibres and causing contamination.

As asbestos management surveys are non-intrusive or involve only minor intrusion, the extent to which asbestos can be identified can be reduced. There are many factors which can influence the extent of a management survey including the type of building, construction type and issues with accessibility.

In addition to identifying ACMs, the asbestos management survey will also make an assessment of the condition of any materials present and determine the likelihood of any fibres being released. This assessment will take into consideration where the ACMs are present, their present condition and the foreseeable probability of them being damaged.

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