Asbestos Surveys

There are a number of different types of asbestos survey, depending on the level of detail required and type of property.

The most detailed report would be a pre-demolition survey (sometimes called a refurbishment asbestos survey if the building is not being demolished). This type of survey aims to find (as reasonably practical), all asbestos materials that are present within a building, including the roof and any external walls / cladding. Given the nature of the report, the survey is intrusive at it will be necessary to test from within walls, ceiling voids and under floors.

An asbestos management survey is required for all non-domestic properties constructed before the year 2000. This report is designed to identify asbestos materials that may be disturbed or damaged as a result of everyday building use. The report should be kept by the duty holder and made available to any contractors who may be used to carry out maintenance or minor repairs. Whilst every effort will be made to identify asbestos materials, the survey methods are less intrusive and some presumptions may be made if samples are not able to be taken and analysed.

An asbestos re-inspection survey should be carried out on an annual basis to determine the condition of asbestos materials that have already been identified. This report aims to keep a track of asbestos materials to ensure they have not become degraded to a point where they may pose a risk to peoples’ health. This report should be used alongside a more detailed management survey and also be made available to contractors as required. The surveyor will look at the condition of the asbestos material and make recommendations about either treatment / removal if deemed appropriate.

Merryhill also carry out domestic asbestos surveys for both current and prospective homeowners. If you suspect there are asbestos containing materials, then samples can be taken and a report compiled, detailing the condition and associated risk.

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